Cross-Dimensional Medium

My goal is to provide you with the healing you need, direction you seek, and to share my paintings for all who have the courage to reach out. Allow me to guide you on this Spiritual journey to impart the clarity and understanding in what is waiting for us all. After a healing session with me, there will be an understanding that you are enough, you are loved, and you are not alone.

Spower is an Internationally recognized Intuitive Medium, Life Path Intuitive, Life Coach, & Hypnotherapist / Past Life Regressionist. Spower is known for bringing her genuine, benevolent, and down-to-earth style to her clients and sessions. Spower works with the spirit world using her “Clair Senses” as a means to communicate with your loved ones. She has been offering her professional and spiritual services to the public for over three decades.

My Life Journey

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